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Day 17 – Time For Some Inspiration!

I love it when people overcome their obstacles, including their own doubts and the restrictions they put up themselves, and make a huge move in the direction of their dreams.  Like Kimberly, for example.  She lost 95 pounds, and regained her self-confidence.  Oh, and she won $1,000 in the process!

Read Kimberly’s success story.

What a great story, right?  Did you notice that she thought she would not be able to do push-ups, couldn’t jump, and she didn’t have time to work out?  She even started doing Insanity in order to prove to her husband that she couldn’t do it. Now she is training to become certified to teach Insanity. What a huge change! Congratulations, Kimberly!

You may think that Kimberly is the only person to get great results.  You’d be wrong.  There are literally hundreds of success stories on the Team Beachbody web site.  See what the Beachbody Challenge is all about, and how you can start your own success story.

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Success Stories – How to Get Fit After 50

Beachbody is a pretty amazing company.  Every year they award thousands of dollars in prize money to people who have transformed their bodies and their health using Beachbody products like P90X and Shakeology.  This is not winning the lottery; this is better.

These folks worked hard, dug deep, and made some serious changes in their lives.  Their biggest wins were not monetary, they were much more personal.  Wanda lost 95 pounds and overcame depression.  Richard lost 139 pounds and can be more fully involved with his grandchildren and the rest of his family – and not die before he retires from problems caused by carrying so much extra weight.

Whatever your health goals may be, are you ready to start reaching them?  Wanda and Richard both came to a place where they said, this has to change starting right now.  When you come to that place in your own life, fill out the information below and let’s get started.

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